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Game Flow XP system: Atypical of most White Wolf games, this special session “Game Flow XP” will allow you to earn XP as you play, and accordingly you can spend it when you want to. Here are the charts…

Gaining XP
1 – after any combat
1 – after any clue, mystery, puzzle, or engima is solved by that player
3 – after a “boss fight” combat
5 – finding one of the 11 Sephiroth
5 – surviving a “Breech Experience”

Spending XP
same general rules for bumping up your character
1XP – restore a Vitae, Essence, Glamour, Mana, etc, 2 restored for 1 XP
2XP – restore a spent WP, 1 for 1 basis

Ruined souls

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