A rough Night in Nightfall Arizona

Dr. Frost and the unwanted adventure

Dr. Izzard Frost looks in dismay as the portals have opened but only 3 of them have occupants. He holds in his hand a strange staff with 11 empty slots that look to be for holding orbs of some sort. Unsure he stares at the staff and the unused Rune Portals and sighs in disgust.

Wailing of the damned can be heard on silent winds, and the unmistakable cries of torture create for an erie backdrop. 

“Well looks like this is all the help I get,” he says dejectedly. 

He then fills you with the tale of the mighty fallen demon Mammon that found an escape from his prison in the Underworld and was making an assault through the Bore into the Hisil. It all went wrong. It is hard to tell if this pleased or displeased the creepy doctor. They opened a Breech to the Realm of terror and the dark King Metus, Lord of Terror, Master of Nightmares, Champion of Suffering, and his legion caught this city in its grips before the Bore and the Tree of Life could be shattered. All the Sephiroth are here to complete the Tree, but Mammons demon over lords have scattered to the hidden corners of Nightfall. They must wait until Metus meets his end before they can open their road to the physical world. However, both outcomes are “undesirable” according to the doctor. THUS! He summoned an army of great powers to aid him in completing the Tree, killing Mammon and his legion, and dispelling Metus. 

And, oh yeah, since he brought you here you are stuck until the Tree is completed and used to kill Mammon. Good luck he tells you then falls into some casual reading…

Awakenings in Darkness

What has happened? How did you get here? Who are these others? What is that foul stench? What is making that muffling noise? Why is the whole world making that accursed humming noise? How do I get out of here?

The tomb


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