Rod of Na'al

Sybelles Dedicated Magical Tool


Rod of Na’al (11pt. Artifact)
Durability: 9
Size: 2
Structure: 10
Regeneration (Life 5) persistent (while holding) and contingent: 1 Mana (casting on others)
Ultimate Honing (Life 5) contingent: 1 Mana
Healing Heart (Life 5) persistent (while holding) and contingent: 1 Mana (casting on others)
Damage: 4 Aggravated
+2 Strength
+2 to cast Life spells
Instill Exclusiveness (Sybelle and Naalnish)
Item Failsafe
Mana Held: 13


This rod is shrouded in mystery and complex history. There are several recounts of a powerful Thyrsus male from Atlantis, who received the rod in the Primal Wild. It was told that this mighty Thyrsus was part of a group of unimaginably powerful mages. Somehow they escaped the fall of Atlantis, and they are so powerful that they do not age. It is said that the rod was discovered in northern Italy by Mysterium archaeologists in the late 17th century. If inspected, this artifact will resonate the supernal power of the Primal Wild, where it was forged. The rod is virtually unbreakable and does not deteriorate with age.

This rod was given, as a gift, to Sybelle the Beast Tamer, while her master was dying. Sybelle couldn’t understand why her master couldn’t just heal himself and she wanted to heal him as well, but he forbade her from using her magic. As he mysteriously faded into nothingness, she picked up the rod and recognized its power immediately. This is Sybelle’s most treasured possession.

Rod of Na'al

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